Regranulate - plastic ground into smaller pieces. Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson.
21 OCT

How can we make plastic more sustainable?

All stages of plastics use, from processing to initial product and after-life will need to be taken into account for design of tomorrow’s plastic materials and to...

Polymers Materials Environment and pollution
PhD student Spardha Virendra Jhamb (now postdoc) and Associate Professor Xiaodong Liang. Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson.
08 OCT

Virtual prediction of bio-degradability

Companies striving to improve the sustainability of their products are helped by software developed in the KT Consortium. The project was initiated by industry member Syngenta...

Computer calculations Software and programming
Associate Professor Jakob Munkholt Christensen and PhD student Niels Dyreborg Nielsen in the lab. Photo by Thorkild Christensen
05 OCT

Can you store solar and wind?

Solar and wind energy are difficult to store, but the liquid chemical methanol can be the key to being able to store up to 50 times as much energy in one place.

Energy storage Energy production Solar energy Wind energy Power stations Catalysis Energy efficiency
Biochar in the hand. Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson.
01 OCT

Sludge—from problem to resource

Sprung from DTU Chemical Engineering, start-up company AquaGreen sees sludge from waste water treatment as a resource rather than an environmental problem.

Environment and pollution Energy
Associate Professor Philip L. Fosbøl and Postdoc Humbul Suleman. Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson.
29 SEP

A greener version of carbon capture

Lowering CO2 emissions is no longer considered enough to preserve the Earth’s climate. We also need to actively capture CO2.

Enzymes and proteins CO2 separation and CO2 storage Environment and pollution
Building of DTU Chemical Engineering
22 SEP

DKK 4 million to bold research ideas

Two researchers at DTU Chemical Engineering have received Villum Experiment grants for extraordinary research experiments.

Michael L. Michelsen
16 SEP

Obituary of Professor Michael L. Michelsen

Professor Emeritus Michael L. Michelsen passed away on 26 August, 2020.

Foto: Bax Lindhardt
09 SEP

DTU ranked number two in research world ranking

In the new World University Research Rankings 2020 which focuses on three core areas of university research, DTU ranks second in the world and number one in Europe.

Photo by Christian Ove Carlsson
01 SEP

Building a community on fermentation

The interest in Fermentation Based Biomanufacturing is on the rise in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. A new cross-departmental effort at DTU will deliver...

Peter Glarborg Gold medal winner
25 AUG

Prestigious Gold Medal to DTU researcher

Peter Glarborg, professor at DTU, has been awarded the Bernard Lewis Gold Medal by the Combustion Institute for his outstanding contribution to the discipline of combustion...

Fire exit. Credit: Colourbox
18 AUG

Improved coatings for fire protection

Improving the sustainability of coatings able to dampen the destructive consequences of a fire is an example of the highly interdisciplinary coatings research at DTU Chemical...

Fire prevention technology and safety Ships and offshore constructions Environmental chemistry Organic chemistry
Biomanufacturing Project House seen from within
17 AUG

Bioindustrial initiative gets chairman of the board from DTU

Professor Krist V. Gernaey has been appointed chairman of Biomanufacturing Project House (BPH). He will in collaboration with an experienced team, drive strong industry...

Biogas into methanol in a container
14 JUL

Biogas to be converted into methanol

Sustainable fuel has moved a big step closer with a new demonstration plant that can convert biogas into the liquid fuel methanol.

Bioenergy Energy production
Ole Hassager
01 JUL

Alumnus earns highest honor from Society of Rheology

Ole Hassager, Professor Emeritus and alumnus at DPC, is the first Scandinavian to receive the most prestigious recognition within the science of rheology, the Bingham Medal...

Graduate School Yearbook 2019 cover and abstract example
30 JUN

Learn about our many PhD projects in new book

Get a comprehensive overview of the many PhD projects going on at DTU Chemical Engineering in our annual Graduate School Yearbook.

Annual report 2019 cover and article example.
30 JUN

Annual report 2019 out now

This year’s report focuses on how DTU Chemical Engineering is a frontrunner in sustainable innovation to meet UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Plastic waste in nature. Photo: Colourbox
17 JUN

Big research project to put a stop to plastic waste

The project is looking into new technological ways of reproducing new high quality plastics from non-recyclable plastic waste.

Environmental chemistry Innovation and product development Waste management
Foto Bax Lindhardt
20 MAY

Independent Research Fund Denmark supports 23 projects

Independent Research Fund Denmark grants a total of DKK 696 million to fund original ideas. 23 researchers from DTU receive funding for new projects, including with focus...

Unge Forskere digital awards ceremony 2020. Photo: Unge Forskere 2020
07 MAY

Winners of the Hempel-DTU Forskerskolepris 2020

This year’s Hempel-DTU Forskerskolepris 2020 went to Risskov Gymnasium and Hillerød Tekniske Gymnasium. Both schools receive 100,000 DKK each.

Burak Ulusoy defending his PhD thesis. (Foto: Burak Ulusoy)
17 DEC

PhD interview: Sustainable combustion of biomass

Burak Ulusoy explains his research on ‘NOx formation and reduction in fluidized bed combustion of biomass’ and why he chose to do a PhD at DTU Chemical Engineering...

Environment and pollution

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