Dr. Techn. Anne Ladegård receiving her degree. Photo: Torben Nielsen

Anne Ladegård honored at Commemoration Day

Wednesday 10 May 17
by Frederik Appel Olsen


Anne Ladegaard Skov
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 28 25

Newly appointed doctor technices Anne Ladegaard Skov from DTU Chemical Engineering received her degree in style at the annual DTU Commemoration Day.

During the past year, three researchers have defended their scientific work for their technical doctoral degree (doctor technices): Senior researcher Peter Munk from DTU Aqua, senior researcher Yunzhong Chen from DTU Energy – and, last but definitely not least, Anne Ladegaard Skov from DTU Chemical Engineering. In April, she defended her thesis on research into so-called dielectric elastomer transducers, which in layman’s terms can be described as ‘artificial muscles’.

Anne formally received her technical doctoral degree at Commemoration Day on April 28.

Other notable event were the opening speech from President Anders Bjarklev, the appointment of Professor Klaus Petermann from the Technical University of Berlin and Professor Marion P.G. Koopmans from the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands, as well as the various awards: DTU Gold Medals for Professor Anja Boisen from DTU Nanotech and to Lars Kann-Rasmussen , Chairman of the Board of Governors; the DTU Internationlization Award to Associate professor Gunvor Kirkelund fra DTU Civil Engineering and the DTU Award for Scientific Advice to Anne Olhoff from the United Nations Environmental Pragramme (UNEP) DTU Partnership; and of course also the Lecturers of the Year: Associate Professor Birgitte Andersen from DTU Bioengineering and Professor Tim McAloone from DTU Mechanical Engineering.

Professor Jan Madsen from DTU Compute gave a gala lecture on ‘Digitization of hard, wet and living technologies’ to round off the academic programme of the day, before the music and dancing part of the day was to be enjoyed.

You can read about Anne Ladegaard’s thesis defense here or read an extensive article about it from DTU Avisen here. Below you can also watch a video of Anne conducting research on dielectric elastomer transducers.

Dr.techn. Anne Ladegaard Skov, DTU Chemical Engineering

Anne Ladegaard Skov fra DTU Kemiteknik er blandt tre fremragende forskere, der i det forløbne år har opnået anerkendelse for at have bragt videnskaben et væsentligt skridt videre. Ved DTU´s Årsfest 2017 modtog hun den officielle tildeling af den klassiske doktorgrad (Dr.techn.) for afhandlingen: ’Silicone-based Dielectric Elastomers’. Her kan du høre, hvordan den ene af hendes to opponenter: Andreas Köllnberger, der er Global Segment Development Engineering Silicones hos Wacker Chemie i Tyskland, vurderer hendes forskning og resultater.

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