Anne Ladegaard Skov
11 NOV

Professor Anne Ladegaard Skov receives the Grundfos Prize

Professor Anne Ladegaard Skov received the prestigious Grundfos Prize yesterday.

Professor Anne Ladegaard Skov
20 OCT

Strengthening Soft Robotics

Tailor-made polymers connected to a power supply can replicate the labour carried out by human muscles. The challenge is to increase the power to levels that may, for...

Thermodynamics as a framework for technological transition
07 SEP

Thermodynamics as a framework for technological transition

Industry members of the KT-Consortium: Thermodynamic modelling needs to have a stronger position when it comes to renewable energy and sustainable use of resources.

Martin Høj KT
15 AUG

Introducing e-plastic

Many polymer waste fractions are hard to recycle mechanically. For these fractions, a relevant recycling technique could be incineration followed by CO2 capture with the...

Summer University 2022
14 JUL

Summer University is back

After two years with Covid-19, Summer University is back at DTU Chemical Engineering. 82 American students are here to learn about unit operations.

The digital lab
14 JUN

Keep your microorganism happy

A new Virtual Laboratory at DTU Chemical Engineering allows studying optimization of industrial bioprocesses.

Foto: Jolanta Kucharska_Flickr
25 NOV

DTU strengthens collaboration with Mexican university

New agreements reinforce international research collaboration and student exchange between DTU and Tec De Monterrey.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food, fish and agriculture Energy Information technology Environment and pollution
Quantum computer
12 NOV

Quantum computing: A new paradigm in chemical and biological manufacturing

DTU researchers are exploring potential applications in chemical and biomolecular design to develop better products and chemical processes to the industry with application...

Illustration: Claus Lunau
21 SEP

How agricultural sector can capture and store CO2

Using pyrolysis, straw and liquid manure can be heated to very high temperatures and become biocoal and gas. The biocoal can be spread on fields and be stored for hundreds...


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