Research areas

At the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering we carry out a wide range of research, as our research centres each specialize within an area in the field of chemical and biochemical engineering.

AT CERE is a dynamic research group with an excellent track record and international reputation in the areas of applied thermodynamics, transport processes, and mathematical modelling. The centre is committed to perform high quality experimental and theoretical research with international impact. There are extensive collaborations, first of all within CERE and DTU Chemical Engineering, but also with universities and industries around the world. Furthermore, it shares industry an consortium with CERE.
Contact: Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis
Phone: +45 45 25 28 59

CHEC’s main activities cover industrial high temperature processes, emissions control, catalysis and catalytic processes, particle technology, product design and production. The main disciplinary research is within reaction engineering and transport processes and cover theoretical modelling based on experiments carried out from microscale over pilot plants to full-scale industrial production plants. The research is carried out in close cooperation with industrial companies.
Contact: Professor Kim Dam-Johansen
Phone: +45 4525 2845

Sustainable coatings technologies including raw material engineering, smart formulation and production principles, application and testing, and tailor-made functionalities.
Contact: Professor Kim Dam-Johansen
Phone: +45 4525 2845

The vision of The Danish Polymer Centre is to serve society by training candidates for the polymer industry and for the public sector. We are devoted to the application of molecular design, synthesis and processing of polymers to create materials and products with unlimited ranges of properties and applications. We strive towards this goal in a balanced environment of education, research and industrial cooperation.
Contact: Professor Anne Ladegaard Skov
Phone: +45 45 25 28 25

PILOT PLANT’s main activities are based on the large scale experimental processes with close focus on industrial practice. This includes unit operations, reaction engineering, process control, process and plant design, instrumentation, automation and industrial measuring technology, but also topics such as scale-up and scale down, batch versus continuous processes. Special focus areas are fermentation -mainly from a process point-of-view but also innovative technology - and particle technology.

Steen Larsen
Contact: Steen Larsen
Phone: +45 45 25 28 04


PROSYS research centre performs fundamental and applied research to develop both the computer-aided tools and the experimental methods that allow to reach the objectives, which are to put research, new tools (e.g. process simulation and optimization) and developments into industrial practice in order to develop new and more effective production processes. It is of great importance for PROSYS to work closely with industry and many of research projects build on a close collaboration with one or more industrial partners.
Contact: Professor Krist Gernaey
Phone: +45 45 25 29 70