Krist Gernaey and Xavier Flores Alsina study the mixing and mass transfer substances as part of their activities within industrial fermentation technology. Photo by Thorkild Christensen.

Seminar on fluid mechanics in bioreactors and fermentation

On Wednesday 25th of May 2022, DTU and DANSIS will host a seminar on Fluid Mechanics in Bioreactors and Fermentation. The event is co-arranged by DTU Chemical Engineering’s PROSYS research center.

Bioreactors and fermentation are widely used to transform raw materials to products with the aid of living organisms. Examples are many and include food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, enzymes for cleaning, biofuels, and treatment of wastewater.

Bioreactors and fermentation have been around for a long time and are becoming even more widespread. They contribute to combatting climate change, by creating biofuels and food with reduced CO2 impact. Bioreactors also contribute to keep the world’s population healthy by creating vaccines and other medicines.

In bioreactors and fermentation, many different technology disciplines are required to merge, for example biology, chemistry, and fluid mechanics. The sector is typically interested in the process impact by phenomena such as mixing, heat transfer, two phase flow, bubble break up, mass transfer, process gradients and effects of shear forces.

Among other topics, we will hear about fermentation, membrane filtration and how 3D modelling is coupled with transient system simulations. We will hear about measurements, experiments, and modelling. Furthermore, PROSYS will give a short tour of their lab facilities.

From the industry, we will meet experts from companies including Chr. Hansen, Freesense, Novo Nordisk, and Novozymes.

We look forward to meeting the participants in the Lounge at DTU Chemical Engineering, Building 228A, Lyngby.

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Wed 25 May 22
9:00 - 16:00


DTU Chemical Engineering

Building 228A,

Loungen (2nd floor)