Waste dump. Photo by Colourbox.
29 JUN

Sustainable development through chemical engineering education in Sri Lanka

An international collaboration between nine universities across Europe and in Sri Lanka seeks to contribute to waste management education in Sri Lanka.

Photo: Shaun Dakin_Unsplash
28 MAY

100 players have developed roadmap for green fuels

More than 100 different companies, cluster organizations, and knowledge institutions have joined forces to outline a path for the development of the green fuels of tomorrow...

26 APR

Large EU project to develop carbon capture technologies

In a new Horizon 2020 project, DTU will lead demonstration projects involving new electricity-based technologies for carbon capture, use and storage.

Graduate School Yearbook 2020
26 APR

The 2020 edition of the Graduate School Yearbook is out now

Immerse yourself in the many exciting PhD projects going on at DTU Chemical Engineering in our annual Graduate School Yearbook.

22 APR

ERC Advanced Grant to understand enzyme stability

A new ERC project aims to improve our understanding of enzyme stability and broaden the field of potential applications for biocatalysis.  

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins Organic chemistry
Green chemical production using ecological control strategies. Illustration by Helena Junicke.
07 APR

Microbial mixed cultures can produce sustainable biobutanol

Chemical production and energy supply are still heavily dependent on fossil raw materials. However, bio-based production systems are now paving the way for a potential...

Foto: Shaun_Dakin_Unplash
12 MAR

Large CO2 gains obtainable from ocean-going ships

Environmentally and climate-friendly solutions from Danish ships sailing in foreign waters can contribute to the green transition of Denmark. But it requires cross-sectoral...

Environment and pollution
DTU's CO2-fangstanlæg på plads ved Mølleåværket i Lyngby
02 FEB

Carbon capture - climate gain and good business

A mobile carbon capture plant developed at DTU has now been connected to a functioning biogas plant for the first time. The Mølleå wastewater treatment plant...

Experimental set-up, which is used to quickly heat plastic together with hydrogen and catalyst, so that it is converted into petrol. Photo taken by Thorkild Christensen
01 DEC

Closing the plastic recycle loop

Only 16 per cent of the more than 250 million tons of plastic we use every year globally is recycled. If, however, we could recycle more plastic and at the same time get...

Catalysis CO2 separation and CO2 storage Waste management Chemical engineering Energy production
Kim Birnie-Gauvin with an 83 cm large sea trout—ready to be released in Villestrup Å stream after being tagged. Photo Jessica Desforges
30 NOV

PhD thesis of the year proves value of removing creek barriers

Kim Birnie-Gauvin from DTU Aqua received the PhD thesis of the Year Award at the annual PhD reception. Six other PhD graduates and the PhD supervisor of the year were also...

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