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Wet winner in Barcelona

Friday 25 Nov 16
by Frederik Appel Olsen


Xavier Flores Alsina
Senior Researcher
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 29 67

Glory, glory: The Watintech project has won the ’Investigation Award” at iWater - the International Integrated Water Cycle Show in Barcelona. 

Collaboration pays. The Watintech Project is a partnership between DTU and Italian Universitá di Catania, Portuguese Nova.ID.FCT and Spanish ICRA and Acciona Agua. The project proposes the combination of different decentralised treatment approaches for sewage and urban run-off. It is an attempt to recover “on-demand” valuable products from these aqueous flows in a decentralized manner.  

Xavier Flores Alsina, Senior Researcher at CAPEC-PROCESS and the main scientist in charge of delivering the software prototype/package describing the technologies developed within the project, describes the Watintech:

“It is an inter-disciplinary project offering capabilities that cover the whole value chain around wastewater and urban run-off and entails four different areas of research: Decentralized water reclamation from sewage, decentralized energy recovery from sewage, production of added value chemicals for controlling sewer detrimental emissions, and impact of altered sewage quality on centralised nutrient removal and recovery, including modelling of the individual sub-systems.

As such the project aims to provide technological development of individual sub-systems. However, we always bear in mind the overall goal of proposing technological solutions for an effective and optimized integration of decentralised and centralized technologies in all activities,” he says.    

Good job and congratulations to Xavier and his team!

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