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Winners of the Hempel-DTU Forskerskolepris revealed

Friday 10 May 19
by Frederik Appel Olsen


Kim Dam-Johansen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 45

About the award

Every year, together with the Hempel Foundation and Danish Science Factory, our department offers an award of DKR 100,000 for two Danish technical high schools that have shown excellence in engaging its students in science. Read more about the price on our website.

About Unge Forskere

Unge Forskere is part of Astra and "works to find, recognize and challenge talents in science". Read more about  Unge Forskere on their website (in Danish).
Thisted Gymnasium and Birkerød Gymnasium receive the prize of 100,000 DKK.

On Tuesday 30 April, confetti was flying above the heads of hundreds of talented high schoolers at Bella Center in Copenhagen. At the final event of the ScienceExpo, organized by Unge Forskere (Young Researchers), more than 300.000 DKK worth of prizes were granted to middle- and high school students with extraordinary science projects.

Among the prizes was the annual Hempel-DTU Forskerskolepris, where two high schools receive 100.000 DKK each for their excellence within STEM disciplines.

This year, the winners were Thisted Gymnasium and Birkerød Gymnasium. Kim Dam-Johansen, Head of Department at DTU Chemical Engineering and board member of the Hempel Foundation, had the pleasure of handing over the prize to the principals.

Two very deserving winners
Kim Dam-Johansen has been very impressed with the effort of the schools in terms of promoting STEM initiatives and their future plans.

Among many other things, Thisted Gymnaium collaborates with local middle schools. Here, the high school students have been mentoring the younger students in science classes. And, furthermore, says Kim Dam-Johansen:

“Thisted Gymnasium has numerous activities and an impressive talent management in regards to their own students. Their vision is to strengthen the work of Unge Forskere, and also to include more middle schools.”

Birkerød Gymnasium has a strong focus on STEM disciplines through activities like Biology Science Camp, integration of robots in science classes, a special focus on math in collaboration with higher education institutions as well as other high schools, and engagement in national and international competitions.

“They focus on including the middle schools of their municipality in Masterclasses for the oldest students. Their vision is to maintain their profile within the natural sciences and the students’ interest in STEM disciplines, which is very strong already,” says Kim Dam-Johansen.

Included in the prize is a visit at DTU, where the students will experience working with chemical and biochemical engineering first hand. A visit from the DTU Science Show at their school is also part of the prize.

Proud principals
Søren Christensen, principal at Thisted Gymnasium, emphasizes the role of the schools teachers:

”I am enormously proud of our teachers and what they provide for our students. On a day to day basis, I see how well it is working, so it is great to see that this is being recognized. We are really happy about that,” he says to TVMidtVest.

Principal of Birkerød Gymnasium, Anders Kloppenborg, was also delighted:

”It is a great and encouraging recognition of our work within the natural sciences disciplines, and it is wonderful that all the invested and enthusiastic teachers are being appreciated for their efforts from people outside of the school. This creates an energy and a spark that we can use to continue our work, and we hope to get even more students to participate in the multiple STEM projects, competitions and experiments that we initiate and participate in,” he says.

Congratulations to both high schools!

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