CAPEC-PROCESS Industrial Consortium Meeting

CAPEC-PROCESS Annual Meeting 2013

Wednesday 12 Jun 13


John Woodley
DTU Chemical Engineering
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The research centres CAPEC and PROCESS held their joint annual meeting with industrial partners in blazing sun on the coast not far from Elsinore and ‘Hamlet’s castle’

The meeting was attended by approx. 90 participants, with 40+ coming from the industry. The meeting is planned with member companies sitting on the Advisory Board. Thus, the industrial consortium is very much an active platform for member companies which also gain insights into the latest research, the direction in which research and the research centres are heading and a unique community for exchange of information and ideas – and networking.

The three days comprised an ambitious program with a presentation of the ICAS software suite (Integrated Computer Aided System - sophisticated tool for modelling, simulation, design and analysis), presentations form PhD students and senior researchers and professors – as well as presentations from corporate members.

The annual meeting is an excellent opportunity for researchers and industrial partners to meet and exchange latest information. Recurring themes among industrial partners are access to latest research results and competences, networking and tools.

Novel Methods and Novel Techniques

Huntsman joined in 2011 and is coming to the annual meeting for the third time. We met Global Process Development Manager, Arend Jan Zeeuw.

"I’m looking for more sorts of inspiration. So that by using novel methods and novel techniques to look at our processes (...) that can help us make new step changes"
Arend Jan Zeeuw, Huntsman

Arend Jan Zeeuw, Huntsman, Belgium
Arend Jan Zeeuw with a PhD student. All photos: Deenesh Babi

What is Huntsman and what do you do?

“We’re an American chemical manufacturer, specifically in the area I work in, we make raw materials for polyurethane foam, e.g. insulation foam, or for bedding material – a wide range of applications within foams. I’m a process engineer; I lead a process development team. So I’m looking for new processes and the development of new processes into our existing facilities.”

Do you work with both research centres – both PROCESS and CAPEC?

“Mainly CAPEC. At Huntsman we are interested in the whole range of scales. I also have a colleague here who is looking into the modeling of the molecules and the thermodynamics, and I’m on the systems level, looking at how to integrate and how to do process intensification. So we are looking to make use of the whole range of material they have.”

Do you also use the tools that CAPEC has developed?

“Personally, no, though my colleague is starting to look at them at the molecular modeling level – but what we have done is, we have worked together with some students, so we’re working with Deenesh (PhD student Deenesh Babi, ed.) now.”

What are your main objectives of coming to the Annual Meeting and being a member of the consortium?

“I’m looking for more sorts of inspiration. So that by using novel methods and novel techniques to look at our processes – and that people at the leading edge of process development understand what’s new in the world – and that can help us make new step changes. My colleague is looking to see whether we can do more accurate modeling – and by modeling what we have at the molecular level make improvements there as well. So we are looking at grand scale and at molecular scale improvements.”

Besides Deenesh, do you have collaboration with other of our students?

“One of the things that usually happens when I’m here is that I’ll hear something during the presentations and then go and talk to Rafiqul (Professor Gani, head of CAPEC, ed.) and say ‘well that sounds really interesting, is there a way we can work together on that one or that one?”

This year, our partners from industry were also very focused on recruitment and meeting prospective job candidates.

On the Lookout for Good Competency Match and Excellent Students

Roel Hoefnagels, senior scientist with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in Belgium (a pharmaceutical division of Johnson & Johnson) was at the event for the second time – Janssen joined the industrial consortium in 2012.

Roel was here to make connections and explore possibilities of collaboration – also with students of the two research centres.

Collaboration with students at DTU Chemical Engineering could also help Roel in another area, for which CAPEC is renowned – the suite of software modeling and simulation tools. Students could help Roel overcoming the learning curve of getting acquainted with new tools in a busy day-to-day business environment.

Another objective of Roel’s is to be kept up-to-date with upcoming PhD defenses – and to be able to view these. Optimally, the PhD defenses should be broadcast online so that Roel – and others around the globe – could view the defenses, and gain an insight into the research conducted and the PhD student’s competences, as a prospective colleague / employee.

In conclusion, Roel will be on the lookout for a good match of competences among the 20 PhD students presenting at the annual meeting – and would like to view the defense of selected candidates.

 Roel Hoefnagels, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium
Roel Hoefnagels, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Belgium


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