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01 FEB

CERE reseacher keynote speaker at the Founders of Tomorrow impact bootcamp

Senior Researcher Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom from CERE invited as keynote speaker at the Founders of Tomorrow impact bootcamp.

31 OKT

Symposium in honor of the 25th work anniversay of Dr. Antoon ten Kate

On October 12, 2018 was held in AkzoNobel 's (now called Nouryon) research center in Deventer, The Netherlands, a symposium in honor of the 25th work anniversay of Dr...

31 OKT

Invited lecture by Georgios Kontogeorgis

The Equifase celebrated this year its 30 years of history.   The conference took place October 22-25 2018 in Cordoba Argentina, chaired by Dr. Martin Cismondi...

31 OKT

Enhanced Oil Recovery conference in Lyngby

For a week in September 2018, Denmark was the center of international efforts to raise oil and gas production rates.

Energi Fossile brændsler
29 OKT

GHGT 14 conference in Melbourne

The week starting 22nd of October Randi Neerup, Nicolas von Solms, and Philip Fosbøl participated at the GHGT 14 conference in Melbourne, Australia.

25 OKT

Poster Award to Michael Bache

Michael Bache, Senior researcher at CERE DTU, won first prize in the poster competition at the "13th International conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water...

18 SEP

CERE publication published in IFAC-PapersOnLine

“A Thermodynamic Library for Simulation and Optimization of Dynamic Processes”  

17 SEP

Keynote talk on electrolyte thermodynamics

CERE Chairman, Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis, has recently attended the MTMS 18 conference in Japan (8th International Symposium on Molecular Thermodynamic and Molecular...

21 AUG

CERE publication published in Fluid Phase Equilibria

Improvement of the PR-CPA equation of state for modelling of acid gases solubilities in aqueous alkanolamine solutions.

12 JUN

Georgios Kontogeorgis selected for the 2018 Distinguished Lecture in Thermodynamics...

The Federation’s Working Party on Thermodynamic and Transport Properties nominated Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis for his outstanding contributions to the generation...

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