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A salesman’s look at the wood stove of the future

mandag 27 jul 15
af Rasmus-Hoejmark-Ravn
“An idea with a big potential” was the response from Kim Dam-Johansen when a few years ago the Danish wood stove company HWAM A/S presented to him the idea of a digitally controlled wood stove with higher efficiency and lower emission than traditional stoves. Such began the partnership between the company and KT that has now made sure that the potential didn’t stay unfulfilled.

The stove of the future is also the stove of today as it has already been successfully released to the market. Of course, that creates the need for distributors to be fully aware of the benefits of the stove in order to make it attractive to their customers. This week, sales representatives from 16 of the largest stove distributors therefore visited KT where project leader Jytte Boll Illerup told them about the work at the institute – the measurements in private homes and the results from the experiments at the research wood stove in KT’s pilot hall.

“The visit was very positive. It’s a big acknowledgement that the distributors send their salesmen to hear about our work, so that we can give them a greater understanding of the benefits of the stove”, says Jytte Boll Illerup, who together with Vagn Hvam Jensen from HWAM shared their results with the visitors.

'Read more about the stove in Dynamo and watch more pictures from the visit in the KT pictures drive.

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