CERE Discussion Meeting 2013

CERE Discussion Meeting 2013

tirsdag 09 jul 13


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Kemiteknik
45 25 28 59
This year’s version of CERE’s prime event set a new record in industry participation. While thermodynamics and reservoir engineering remained in high focus, presentations within geology and geophysics also spurred vivid discussions

With 24 companies represented, the 2013 CERE Discussion Meeting set a new record in industry participation. The annual event brings together industrial consortium members and CERE researchers to share experiences, new research results and exchange ideas.

Thermodynamic modelling and reservoir engineering was mentioned by most industry participants as their prime focus. As always, many sessions during the three-day event were devoted to presentations on the latest developments in these research areas.

For some years now, academic resources within geology and geophysics have been part of the CERE faculty. Led by Professors Ida Fabricius (geology) and Klaus Mosegaard (geophysics) these two sections contributed strongly to the 2013 event.

As a consequence of the broadened scope of CERE, the format was modified, introducing two half-days with parallel sessions rather than keeping the entire agenda in plenum. The parallel sessions were on Thermodynamics; Enhanced Oil Recovery; Complex Fluid Systems; Geology/Geophysics.

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