Hempel-DTU Award

Every year, together with the Hempel Foundation and Danish Science Factory our department offers an award of DKR 100,000 for two Danish technical high schools that have shown excellence in engaging its students in science. Part of the prize is an exciting visit into our laboratories and pilot plant, where the students get to meet the scientists and hear all about their research. Here are the winners so far:

2020: Risskov Gymnasium & Hillerød Tekniske Gymnasium

2019: Thisted Gymnasium – STX og HF & Birkerød Gymnasium, HF, IB & Kostskole

2017: Holstebro Tekniske Gymnasium & Egaa Gymnasium

2016: Rybners Gymnasium

2015: Odense Tekniske Gymnasium & Borupgaard Gymnasium

Plus special prizes to: Egaa Gymnasium & Espergærde Gymnasium


Lonnie Moldt Jørgensen
Communications Officer
DTU Chemical Engineering
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