DPC seminars

The seminars are held by the Danish Polymer Center with lectures by the center's employees or invited guest.

If you want too give a presentation, please contact Anne Ladegaard Skov.

For registration, please contact Anne Theil Mejding.

7 November  2023  LY228A-R228 12.10-12.50 Giada Lo Re
Associate Professor at Chalmers University
Struggling with biomaterials: from molecular engineering to (reactive) melt processing
24 October 2023  LY228A-R228  2.10-12.50 Ada-Ioana Bunea
Assistant Professor at DTU Nanolab
Micro 3D printing for biomedical applications
10 October
 LY228A-R228 12.10-12.50

Anders Egede Daugaard

Associate Professor at DPC

End-of-life Plastics as a Raw Material – Recycling Potential and Challenges

19 September 2023  LY228A-R228 12.10-12.50 Susanna Henriksson
Product Specialist at Bergman Labora
Presentation of QCM-D instruments and tensiometry instruments
5 September 2023   LY228-R225 12.10-12.50 Oleksii Ilchenko
CEO at Lightnovo
 Biological applications for Raman spectroscopy and microscopy
 21 June 2023  LY227-R239  12.10-12.50 Silicone chemistry in aqueous media: simple access to dispersions, capsules and foams  Silicone chemistry in aqueous media: simple access to dispersions, capsules and foams  
30 May 2023 LY227-R239  12.10-12.50 Nikoline Stig Frederiksen
PhD student at DPC
Novel silicone materials with cyclic polymers
16 May 2023 LY227-R239 12.10-12.50
Arianna Rech
PhD student at DPC
Thermoprocessing of protein and polysaccharide based plastics 
2 May 2023 LY227-R239 12.10-12.50  Ole Hassager
Professor Emeritus at DPC
Applications of Scattering in Polymer Science
18 April 2023 LY227-R239 12.10-12.50 Chonghui Li
PhD student at DPC
Stretchable, reversible photochromic film for rewritable information storage media
21 March 2023  LY227-R239 12.10-12.50 Peter Jeppe Madsen
Senior Researcher at DPC 
Preparation of well-defined micron-sized particles of common polymers and their use as mimics for microplastics 
7 March 2023 LY227-R239 12.10-12.50
Oleksii Ilchenko
CEO at Lightnovo
Biological applications for Raman spectroscopy and microscopy
28 February 2023 LY227-R239 2.10-12.50 Danqing Liu
Associate professor at Institute for Complex Molecular Systems
Human interactive materials for soft robotic machine/ haptics applications 
7 February 2023  LY227-R239  12.10-12.50

Qian Huang
Professor at the Polymer Research Institute, Sichuan University

When polymer chains are highly aligned: A perspective on extensional rheology
31 January 2023
LY227-R239 12.10-12.50  Karolis Norinkevicius
PhD student - DPC
Polymersomes comprising cleavable amphiphilic block copolymers 


Anne Theil Mejding

Anne Theil Mejding Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering