Bio-based transformations

In the search for novel, more efficient and sustainable bio-manufacturing processes, our research activities combine detailed experimental work with advanced mathematical modelling.

Our research has focus on bio-based production processes, including biocatalysis (using one or more soluble enzymes or else enzymes in cells), as well as pure (also recombinant) and mixed cultures of microorganisms.

Tools and techniques that span across all topics are advanced analytical work, mathematical modelling and simulation, computational fluid dynamics and techno-economic analysis.

In all work, a very close collaboration is maintained with industry.


The fermentation activities include experimental work to determine process kinetics, investigate microbial interactions and bioenergetic requirements, the study of the theoretical and practical aspects of process scale-up and scale-down, development and test of novel sensor equipment and improved control strategies.

Resource recovery

In terms of resource recovery, we study mixed cultures for production of (bio)fuels and chemical building blocks, from waste streams or waste gas flows (e.g. syngas). Furthermore, we research anaerobic processes for biogas production, and wastewater treatment/resource recovery processes at lab, pilot and full scale.


Within biocatalysis, we study kinetics, thermodynamics and stability of different types of enzyme-catalyzed reactions and cascades. The work includes scale-up and scale-down studies at lab and pilot scale.


John Woodley

John Woodley Professor Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Helena Junicke

Helena Junicke Associate Professor Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Krist Victor Bernard Gernaey

Krist Victor Bernard Gernaey Professor Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Ulrich Krühne

Ulrich Krühne Assoc. Prof. Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Phone: +45 45252960