Clean and efficient energy production from combustion and gasification processes plays an important role in present and will continue in the future.

Therefore it is important to gain insights into processes details in order to assist R&D activities with new and advanced measurement tools those will contribute into design and development of new energy production systems, engines and processes and to ensure optimized operation of the systems with high efficiency and reduced emissions.

Applied optical diagnostics and measurements are useful for:

  1. Experimental verification and improvement of CFD calculations
  2. Monitor gas components that affect corrosion or cause other operational problems
  3. Improve fundamental knowledge and understanding of the processes
  4. Track dynamical behavior of gas flows and mixing, velocity of gas and particles
  5. Heat transfer in energy systems by convection and thermal radiation
  6. Fast optical measurement of gas temperature and gas composition
  7. Development of new sensors for monitoring and control of the industrial processes
  8. On-line measurement of trace gases
  9. Validation and development of new high-resolution transmission molecular absorption databases

The Optical Diagnostics Group at CHEC is involved in many R&D energy-related projects (PSO, EU and commercial) with use of advanced non-contact optical measurement techniques on small- and large-scale energy systems. Our partners and customers are from various industrial sectors world wide.


  • Various high-temperature reference gas cells
  • High pressure high-temperature gas cell
  • Optical spectroscopy laboratory for development of measurement systems, sensors and accurate high-resolution transmission/absorption reference measurements from UV to FIR spectral ranges from ambient to 1600C temperatures
  • Various large scale measurement tools ( e.g. probes for gas extractive and in situ optical measurements, endoscopes for imaging, laser measurement)


We are the Danish national reference laboratory for non-contact temperature measurement (NMI).

We offer unique calibration facilities, state-of-art measurement instruments and know-how to partners and customers in all industrial sectors (courses, calibration, consultancy, measurements).

We are involved in R&D activities and cooperation in various fields as e.g. energy, health (humans and animals), analytical instrumentation and etc. This ensures impact and support of R&D activities.

We offer our accredited temperature service in the range from -196°C to 1600°C for all type of contact sensors and from -80°C to 1600°C non-contact instruments (pyrometers, blackbodies, light sources, materials/surfaces).


  • Temperature calibration facilities, various reference blackbodies
  • High-end thermal imaging tools, IR thermometers
  • Optical spectroscopy of materials in UV, VIS, NIR, MIR and FAR (180 nm – 200 µm)
  • Emissivity of surfaces and full spectral emission intensity measurements


Sønnik Clausen

Sønnik Clausen Senior Scientist Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Alexander Fateev

Alexander Fateev Senior Scientist Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Phone: +45 46774564