Do not underestimate the softer benefits

The annual meeting 2019 of the KT-Consortium saw several industry presentations and comments addressing how software can assist in developing more sustainable products and processes.

“I really enjoyed the session on the various functionalities in ICAS. I mainly use the ProPred functionalities for property prediction. I have always found the software easy to use, but maybe tend to ignore some of the added functionalities. My feeling is, we will be able to obtain more value from the software,” says Dr. Anita Rea, heading the Process Studies Group (PSG) at Syngenta.

A leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources, Syngenta has been a KT-Consortium member for a decade.

“Highly complex processes underpin the development, production, formulation and application of our active ingredients and products. A fundamental understanding of the phenomena involved improves both identified solutions and robustness, but it’s not easy! That has led us to get involved in the consortium,” says Anita Rea.

Syngenta does not limit itself to using software developed in the consortium, but has engaged in several joint projects over the years.

“I like what I see as “the KT-Consortium concept” - excellent science is complemented by a strong drive to develop usable tools to help in its implementation leading to a tangible output.”

Further, collaborating with academia is about more than software, Anita Rea emphasizes:

“The membership allows us to send people to conferences such as this one. Through our participation, we stay up to date on the various developments in chemical engineering modelling, just as we have direct access to external experts. Finally, a conference can be a nice venue attracting talent to Syngenta. One should not underestimate the value of these softer benefits!”