At PILOT PLANT our main activities are based on the path from laboratory scale to pilot scale experimental processes with a strong focus on industrial practice.

Pilot Plant. Foto: Thorkild Christensen

About us

At PILOT PLANT we focus on unit operations, reaction engineering, process control, process and plant design, instrumentation, automation and industrial measuring technology, but also topics such as scale-up and scale-down and batch versus continuous processes. Special focus areas are fermentation mainly from a process point-of-view, but also innovative technology and particle technology.

Our research

Our research is conducted within plant and process technology, equipment design, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) automation and instrumentation and construction materials in close collaboration with industrial partners. Our technical expertise include:

  • Designing and building large scale plants (engineering, construction)
  • Unit operations (theory and practice)
  • Industrial chemical processes (design complete process)
  • Operational experience (solving practical process problems)
  • Project management
  • Design of experiments
  • Plant safety
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)