Accelerated test methods

Faster and smarter methods for accelerated testing of heavy duty coating systems

The demands on protective coatings used in offshore environments are very high and modern high performance coating systems are expected to perform well for 15-20 years before maintenance is needed. The use of new technologies for formulation means that the marketed coatings have a limited track record. This has resulted in a necessary increase in reliance on accelerated laboratory testing to evaluate the coating performance. However, many of the current accelerated exposure tests will not, within their exposure time, show negative effects on intact coating systems. In addition to this, direct correlation between real life performance and the accelerated laboratory testing is hardly found. Despite the fact that the laboratory tests are named “accelerated”, they usually require more than 6 months of exposure and evaluation to be completed. There is therefore an urgent need for new, fast and reliable test methods to assess the corrosion protective properties of coatings and to provide a basis for formulation of high-quality coatings.

The aim of the research is to develop faster and smarter accelerated test methods for reliable prediction of the performance and service life of heavy duty coating systems. Focus is on anti-corrosive systems for atmospheric exposure, the splash zone and immersed zone with and without cathodic protection. The methods are based on cyclic weathering tests, electrochemical test methods or combinations of both.