From research to usable software

The KT CONSORTIUM research results are converted into software that can solve a wide range of problems in the chemical, petrochemical, bio-chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and food industries.

Development of software is closely related to our research projects. As a majority of the research projects deal with the use of computers to solve process/product engineering problems, the theories and algorithms developed in the research projects are validated through computer programmes. Those computer programmes that have a general appeal with respect to their application and have no restrictions on their use by KT CONSORTIUM member companies are collected and made accessible through this site. Some software is not commercial and is distributed exclusively only to KT CONSORTIUM member companies. However, a special version is distributed at a nominal price for educational purposes.

Overview of current software

With the software we wish to promote the use of computer aided methods and tools that can solve current and future process/product engineering problems. Our software consists of the following:

Property models
  • Pure component (revised parameters; uncertainty estimates; new version of ProPred)
  • Mixture (UNIFAC-CI parameters for org-UNIFAC & Dortmund-UNIFAC; uncertainty estimates; filled parameter tables; call of Dortmund-UNIAFC)
Process-product design
  • ProCAMD (better presentation of results;
  • Dortmund- UNIFAC
  • SolventPro (solvents for organic synthesis; other uses)
  • Solid solubility (PC-SAFT; NRTL-sac; UNI-sac)
ICAS (Integrated Computer Aided System)
  • ICAS: combines computer-aided tools for modelling, simulation, property prediction, synthesis/design, control and analysis into a single integrated system.
  • Work-flows for model identification, simulation & optimization; new general user-interface (model template)
  • PDE problem definition; matrix operations.
  • ECON
  • LCSoft
  • SustainPro
  • vPPD-lab

Want access to our software?

If you would like to access some of the above mentioned software, please contact Eva Mikkelsen (

Visit from KAIST 2012

Go to our member site to access the ICAS software, not yet published publications and to explore our research activities in further detail.


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Software manager
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Associate Professor
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Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
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