CAPEC-PROCESS. Foto: Thorkild Christensen

Research areas

Our research work at the centre is done at micro-, lab, pilot and full scale and has its main focus on biocatalysis and fermentation processes. It is performed in close collaboration with the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries and is divided into two areas:

  • Process Systems Engineering (PSE) 
    focuses on the developing model-based tools and methods for solving complex problems in (bio) chemical products and processes.

  • Process Intensification and Integration (PII) 
    engages in research activities where intensified/integrated processes contribute to more resource-efficient processes and production concepts.

Research vision

Our research areas cover:

  • Process Systems Engineering (PSE)

  • Process Intensification and Integration (PII)


Krist V. Gernaey
DTU Chemical Engineering
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