(Dielectric elastomers for wave energy converters)


The objective is to develop better elastomers with improved energy densities for use in wave energy converters. Focus is on improving the dielectric permittivity as well as the electrical breakdown strenght of commercial elastomers.


Dielectric elastomers hold great promise as energy generators since they are lightweight and durable, and the energy is directly converted from mechanical into electrical energy. However, for sufficiently high electrical energies to be created the elastomer needs to possess a high dielectric permittivity. Silicone elastomers possess an inherent low value of this and therefore they have to be modified to eliminate this shortcoming.

The project

Through formulation of high permittivity silicone elastomers better energy densities are pursued. Extensive testing is performed to ensure the mechanical and electrical integrity of the formulated elastomers, such as testing of ultimate mechanical properties, hysteresis and electrical breakdown.

The project is funded by SBM France and will be running in 2016.


Anne Ladegaard Skov
DTU Kemiteknik
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