Immobilization and stabilization of cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (ISP450)


The objective of this project is immobilization and stabilization of P450 enzymes to provide long-term stable P450s that can be used in gas/liquid reactions.


A new class of enzymes, cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (P450), have emerged as highly attractive enzymes for special synthesis and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. These enzymes have an unmatched selectivity and could potentially be used across a broad range of fields. However, their stability and productivity is currently too low for industrial exploitation.

The project

The project targets development of new immobilization systems, which will open up the potential for use of this broad class of enzymes for industrial production of fine chemicals that would otherwise not be accessible through the use of classical synthetic approaches. The project combines the use of polymer chemistry to design a novel immobilization matrix with modern processing methods and biocatalysis for design of a new biocatalytic system.

The project is funded by DFF - 7017-00109 and will be a collaboration between scientists from DTU Chemical Engineering, Lund University and University of Stuttgart.

The project will be running from 2017-2020.


Anders Egede Daugaard
DTU Kemiteknik
23 65 21 52