Stretchable conductive elastomers (SCE)


The overarching objective of the PhD project is the development of stretchable conductive elastomers.


Conductive elastomers have been a target in development of advanced materials for a long time. One of the major challenges in development of conductive elastomers is the inherent stiffness of classical conductors. Surface patterning of electrodes have recently been developed as an approach towards stretchable electronics, however this requires stringent processing using imprinting and limits the extensibility of the elastomer material significantly. Such methods permits only extensibility of the conductive system by approximately 10-15%. However, for a broader use in advanced materials a much more significant elongation is required. There is a high demand for new solutions that enable the combination of highly flexible and extendable materials with maintained conductivity for flexible electronics, soft robotics, sensors and dielectric elastomers.

The project

The project will employ a combination of surface functionalization of conductive fillers using chemical methods, development of master batches and new advanced processing to prepare materials that mimics the structure of human muscle fibers. Through novel preparation techniques the project will enable production of single-step processed conductive elastomers.

The project is funded by China Scholarship Council and Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The project will be running from 2018-2020.


PhD student J. Shao
Main supervisor: Assoc. Prof. A. E. Daugaard
Co-supervisor: Prof. A.Ladegaard Skov



Jiang Shao
DTU Kemiteknik


Anders Egede Daugaard
DTU Kemiteknik
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