Advanced Thermodynamic Models for Complex Systems


In close synergy and collaboration with CERE ( we are working on a number of projects, aiming at a further development and understanding of advanced thermodynamic models like CPA and PC-SAFT for various applications (see under description of the project).

Many of these projects are of "exploratory" character. Upon completion and/or/if/when results are in form suitable for practical engineering applications, they may be included in ICAS, if appropriate.


This is a generic project (actually a list of diverse projects under the same headline), in close collaboration and synergy with CERE.

The project

Applications we consider for CPA and PC-SAFT:
* mixtures with hydrogen bonding compounds like water and alcohols/glycols

* electrolytes

* asphaltenes

* surface and interfacial tensions

* chemicals of relevance to CO2 capture

* simulation of biofuel processes

* critical point investigations


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Kemiteknik
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Xiaodong Liang
DTU Kemiteknik
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