BIOPRO aims to match the research at universities (DTU and University of Copenhagen) with the research needs of leading companies in the biotech industry. By bridging the gap between research laboratories and industrial application, BIOPRO is bringing new, greener technology into pilot or full-scale application.


In biotechnological production complex environments with cells in multi-component mixtures are frequently present. To understand these systems through measurements, modelling and statistical analysis and bring this knowledge into play in optimal operation and control, yet keeping the vast information easily accessible and understandable, is a challenge. With a better process understanding and operation, biotechnology will be better suited to achieving CO2 and water neutral production, thus contributing to the worlds increasing requirements for sustainable production processes

The Project

BIOPRO combines the experience of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the University of Copenhagen (KU) with the industrial partners Chr. Hansen, CP Kelco, DONG Energy, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes. CAPNOVA is involved in the project to transform promising research results into new products and start-up companies.
DTU and KU are developing cutting edge technology applicable to the challenges of industry, which can provide complex, realistic research problems for the methods and tools developed at the universities. Managing the complexity of biotechnological production, the project has been split into several work packages providing the framework for development of the solutions:
• Measurement technology headed by Professor Søren Balling Engelsen and Assoc. Professor Thomas Skov (KU FOOD)

• Mechanistic models headed by Professor Krist V. Gernaey (DTU CAPEC-PROCESS)

• Statistical data analysis headed by Assoc. Professor Murat Kulahci (DTU COMPUTE)

• Operation and Control headed by Assoc. Professor Jakob Kjøbsted Huusom (DTU CAPEC-PROCESS)

• Visualization interfaces headed by Professor Kasper Hornbæk and Assoc. Professor Mikkel Rønne Jakobsen (KU Computer Science)

Under these work packages BIOPRO follows biotechnological production from fermentation and recovery to monitoring and enterprise-wide control to improve biotechnological production and environmental footprint.


For more information please visit the BIOPRO project website.


Krist V. Gernaey
DTU Kemiteknik
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