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Evaluation of Resource recovery Alternatives in South african water trEatment systems (ERASE)


  • Development (and validation) of process models of specific resource recovery technologies specifically for South African treatment plants; 
  • Interfacing these new models within plant-wide approaches;
  • Demonstrating novel process simulation and scenario analysis options using specific (full-scale) case studies (Cape Flats, Darvil, Zeekoegat);
  • Development of a set of decision support tools based on multi-criteria decision-making and life cycle assessment;


Resource recovery is an emerging research area that has promoted the development of multiple process units promising the transformation of residues into valuable products. Nevertheless, process engineers encounter problems when deciding to go for one (or another) technology when upgrading process flow diagrams.

The Project

The ERASE project seeks to demonstrate the benefits of transiting from wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) to water resource recovery facilities (WWRF) amongst water utilities in South Africa. Fundamentally, the project will deliver a new generation of engineering tools to simulate resource recovery options in selected South African plants and to evaluate these novel technologies in line with the objectives of the sustainability and circular economy paradigm.


Elham Ramin
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