Summer University 2016

Four Week International Summer University Course, July 2019

The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering invites non-European chemical engineering students to participate in a specially designed, experimental course in chemical engineering and process technology.The course takes place on up-to-date pilot plant facilities in a programme, which combines detailed theoretical and practical engineering experiences combined with a social and international student atmosphere and an opportunity to discover the wonders of Copenhagen and the beautiful Danish countryside.

The course is specially designed for international and non DTU students within large scale chemical unit operations. With the intention of providing students with experiences as close as possible to practical industrial conditions and equipment in the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industry, it covers theoretical knowledge in unit operations, heat and mass balances, general process and equipment technology, reaction engineering and kinetics, process control, P&I diagrams and simple chemical analytical methods and calculations. We wish to show the possibilities and limitations of the theory and achieve practical experience and improved understanding of the processes. 

Over the course of four weeks,in teams of two persons 6 exercises including reports are performed.

The offered exercises include: Liquid flow in pipes, gas flow, pump systems, flow in packed columns, bubble column, agitation, aeration, filtration, drying in a tunnel, spray drying, fluidization and fluidized bed drying, transport of bulk solids, distillation, absorption, membrane separation, ion exchange, heat transmission, evaporation, crystallization, hydrocyclones, centrifugation, liquid and solid extraction, organic synthesis, fixed bed enzyme reactor, CIP technology, solids handling, combustion/ high temperature processes and process control experiments.

Practical Information

Anne Helene Juul
Education Coordinator
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 28 36


Steen Larsen
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 28 04
Ivan Hundebøl
Chemical Engineer, Course responsible
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 29 33