Our student organization 'KTStudents' represents students at the Department. Its goal is to improve the study environment for students through social and professional activities.

Company presentations 

Companies within the Chemical and Biochemical area are invited to present the company and the daily work as a chemical engineer. Company presentations give the students a better understanding of the job, give opportunities to network, and may be a way for the students to get projects, internships or student jobs. 

Company visits

The students get the opportunity to come out and visit companies within the Chemical and Biochemical field. These tours provide students with insight into large-scale industries and a coherent working environment.

Social events

Through social events, students get to socialize and network with other students studying at the department. These activities especially strengthen the network between International and Danish students.


Liaison between the department and the students

In addition to career development, KT Students acts as a liaison between the department and students, supporting their academic journey. We help students explore research opportunities at DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. This exposure can spark ideas for BSc, MSc, or PhD thesis topics.

The board of KTStudents consists of the following:

  • Chairperson: Melissa Fernanda Rugholm Jensen
  • Vice Chairperson: Mathilde Munch Jensen
  • Treasurer: Janie Dittmann Weimar Andersen
  • Secretary: Marie Borch Nielsen
  • Public Relations chair: Laura Karlsmose
  • Company Events Chair: Nikolaj Falkenberg
  • Social Chair: Emilie Tage Andresen
  • ISN Chair: Alexander Bonde Skov
  • Recruitment Chair: Kasper Jørgensen
  • Funding Chair: Aske Hansen