The World of Microfluidics

’Welcome to the world of microfluidics’ this is the headline of the three short cartoons in which a nutty professor explains the details behind the new darling of the science community: Microfluidics.

Microfluidics is the manipulation of small liquids and involves elements from chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, mathematics, optics, physics, biology, and micro and nanotechnology.

It brings the laboratories down to microscale where liquids are manipulated, moved, mixed and separated, which makes it possible to better control the often faster, more effective and intense reactions.

With microfluidics we can therefore also effectively develop for instance medicine, clean water and green energy.

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The cartoons are part of an online teaching universe that invites high school students to dig deeper into the chemistry and history of the FIA story (only in Danish). In 1974 two scientists at DTU almost stumbled upon FIA, a method of chemical analysis. This spelled the beginning of a technoscience adventure in miniature chemistry, which challenged both technology and science.

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Ulrich Krühne

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