Continuing education

At the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering we offer a number of continuing education courses.

We offer continuing education at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering in a broad range of topics supported by our ongoing research activities.

Courses and PhD courses

Continuing education at our Department mainly takes place as part of our ongoing teaching portfolio (courses) and through specialized courses at the PhD level. External participants are welcome to participate in both of these, where registration for specific Ph.D. courses is done directly with the organizing group or for our regular courses through the Open University initiative.

Lifelong learning

To find a complete list of courses within continuing education at DTU, please visit DTU Learn for Life for further help and guidance.

At DTU Learn for Life you can find all biotech courses here.


Flexible Master

It is also possible to follow various education programs, such as the flexible master, which provides a possibility for doing a part-time master education as continuing education for B.Sc./B.Eng. with at least 2 years of industrial experience.

Courses for business

At DTU Chemical Engineering, we additionally offer short and intensive courses for industry, which can be held at our Department or the relevant company. These courses are typically agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, and we recommend that you contact us if this is of your interest.


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At DTU Lifelong Learning you'll find all biotech courses within continuing education at DTU.

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Anders Egede Daugaard

Anders Egede Daugaard Associate Professor Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering