Plastics seminar for teachers

Only the very few know the nature of plastics. Yet, many teachers have gained much wisdom on the subject along with new inspiration to use in their classes by taking our ‘Plastics Seminar for Teachers’ here at DTU.

A course for chemistry and physics teachers

Every year in October the Danish Plastics Federation together with DTU host a free 1-day course for 7th-10th grade chemistry and physics teachers.

The course provides teachers with ideas and tools to work with plastics in their chemistry or physics classes. The course deals with the kind of plastic that most of us are in contact with every day as for instance, packaging, phones, computers, clothes, shoes and much more. We invite 25 teachers for this interesting course held in the laboratories of DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

Read more about the course and sign up on the Danish Plastics Federation website


Anders Egede Daugaard
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
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