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Summer University

DTU Chemical Engineering Pilot Plat is looking forward to invite you for the traditional Summer University in Large Scale Chemical Unit Operations for foreign students at our Lyngby Campus from Monday 3 July to Thursday 27 July 2023. More information about registration, fee and accommodation soon.

Our Summer University offers an ambitious and unique program with practical exercises covering a wide range of unit operations at our large and modern pilot-plant facility. By performing experiments on large-scale pilot equipment, the course will challenge you to combine theory with practical experience, as well as data analysis, in order to improve your understanding of unit operations and processes used in the chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Learning philosophy

The main objectives are to show you the challenges, possibilities and limitations by combining theory with practical experience from large-scale experiments, and to make you familiar with and operate equipment similar to that, which is used in real industrial life.

The DTU Chemical Engineering Pilot-plant facility is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the world, with more than 30 different large pilot-plant set-ups, all together representing most unit operations to be found within the modern chemical, life science and food industry.

As a DTU summer university student, you will enhance your theoretical understanding, practical and technical experience, as well as process knowledge, by performing six half or full day practical experiments. You will learn how to plan your work including a thorough safety assessment, prepare the utilities and the equipment for the experiments, operate the equipment, analyze the relevant samples, react to the process parameters and take the necessary process decisions – all yourself – in order to maximize the outcome and your learning from the experiments. After the experiments, you will learn how to write a scientific report. Based on the theory and the acquired experimental data, you will calculate and analyze results and provide conclusions and discussion with a critical mind – so that you delve deep into the academic understanding of a given unit operation. All together, you will learn how to act and think as a real process engineer! 

The 2023 course will run from 3 – 27 July 2023.

Learn more about DTU, The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering as well our unique and large pilot plant facilities.

Pilot Plant digitalization

The Pilot Plant digitalization project started in 2021 and comprises of two main pillars: A virtual reality (VR) environment to help students in the preparation and operation of the unit operations and web-based user interfaces for monitoring and controlling of the setups. Both pillars are under continuous development but were deployed for the first time during the 2022 Summer University. Here, the students were provided with tablets to access the VR environment during the exercises and operate the units via the web-based user interface.

The VR environment is freely available. Simply download present4D, either from your app store or the download section of the present4D website. Once installed, enter the portal key TYJ-QJN. Afterwards, you will see for which unit operations the VR can be downloaded.

The new web based user interface, also referred to as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, allows users to monitor and control unit operations from any device with a web browser and without the need to install any additional software. Besides executing experiments, the system is also used to log data and automatically forward it to an SQL database for future data science projects.

Another aspect of the digitalization project are virtual lab tours and 360 panorama videos and pictures. Some examples can already be found here.

The environment 

The DTU Lyngby Campus, where the Pilot Plant facilities are located, is situated in the beautiful northern part of Copenhagen close to forest and beaches. You may be accommodated at the student apartments at the BaseCamp complex approx. 30 minutes train/bus distance from Campus, at the newly inaugurated Zleep Hotel in reasonable walking distance from the Campus, or you may decide an alternative accommodation of your own. More information about accommodation and prices in the Accommodation and Registration and Fees sections.

From Lyngby within a radius of less than 50 km, you can use the excellent Danish public transportation system to take the train or bus to exciting and beautiful tourist attractions like Kronborg (The Hamlet Castle), The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, the impressive Hilleroed Castle with artifacts from the Danish royal families back to the 15th century, Roskilde Cathedral where the Danish Kings back to the Viking age are buried. Of course you should also not miss wonderful downtown Copenhagen with Tivoli Gardens, the Royal Palace Amalienborg, The Little Mermaid, the cozy harbor environment of Nyhavn and many other famous attractions.

Additional information

Pilot Plant manager Steen Larsen, e-mail: stelar@kt.dtu.dk
Course secretary Anne H. Juul, e-mail: ahj@kt.dtu.dk

We will look forward to welcoming you at the Technical University of Denmark for the 2023 Summer University!

Previous summer university students' experiences

“For engineering it is hard to study abroad so this is one of the few options we have. And it is a much different setup here than at our school. So just seeing the different technology or how things are done abroad helps us in the workforce”,

- Izy Godsey and Lexi Romine, University of Alabama

"I have learned a lot of things here. The class, the content in the unit operation course and the laboratory experiments are very good. But the report is very hard to write and it is difficult to submit a report in such short time",  

- Zeng Ying, SDC in Beijing.

“I decided to come to Denmark because it was a great opportunity to expand my cultural experience, meet new people, learn in a first-class laboratory, and see a different part of the world. It was everything I had hoped for and more”,

- Megan Torman, Alabama University

"It is great to be in a place with state of the art laboratory facilities, as we don’t have that at home",

- Student from Auburn University

“I haven’t had much experience with actual big machinery and chemical engineering, so I enjoy getting the experience and learning how to use the equipment that you would see in plants - which I wouldn’t have access to normally".

- Student from Virginia Tech

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Practical Information

Anne Helene Juul
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Steen Larsen
DTU Chemical Engineering
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