Research areas

Our research approach is based on classical chemical engineering tools combined with formulation expertise in close co-operation with industrial partners. Our fundamental coating research supports the traditional more empirical approach of the coatings industry and is focused on improved sustainability profiles.

Along the entire value chain

Our research covers the entire value chain from raw materials production over modification of raw materials to product formulation and application as well as to end-use and waste handling. Our research covers from basic to applied research, often in co-operation with industrial companies. We range from laboratory work to model based test programs to natural ageing exposures.

Our philosophy is to understand the main mechanisms behind coating behaviour, and we have carried out fundamental research and applied research on, for example, the following topics:

  • Design of novel test equipment for antifouling and anti-corrosive coatings
  • Drying and curing of coatings
  • Mapping of degradation routes for seawater immersed anti-corrosive coatings
  • Parameters influencing the performance of intumescent fire protective coatings
  • Photo initiated coating degradation of thermoset coatings
  • Polishing and biocide leaching rates of antifouling coatings
  • Simultaneous solvent evaporation and curing of thermoset coatings


Kim Dam-Johansen

Kim Dam-Johansen Professor, Head of Department Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Phone: +45 45252845


Søren Kiil

Søren Kiil Professor Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Phone: +45 45252827


Huichao (Teresa) Bi

Huichao (Teresa) Bi Assistant Professor Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Phone: +45 45252954